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What Does Nomadic Mean? (5 Inspiring Nomadic Lifestyle Definitions)

The word ‘nomadic’ has a long and varied history. It originally comes from the greek word…

What does Nomadic Mean?

Exactly what does nomadic mean? What does it mean to be a nomad? If you’ve heard all the hype about living the nomadic lifestyle, and you’re wondering just what does ‘nomadic’ actually mean, you’ve come to the right place. has a variety of resources, all to do with being a digital nomad. Here is the nomadic meaning in english.

In this article will demystify the lifestyle and explain just what the origins of the lifestyle are. Read on to find out exactly how you can become nomadic.

History and Origin of the word ‘Nomadic’

what does nomadic mean
Back in the old days.

The word ‘nomadic’ has a long and varied history. It originally comes from the greek word ‘nemein’ – to pasture. This then evolved into the latin word ‘nomas’, or roaming. The French came along and transformed it into ‘nomade’, before becoming the word this it is today: nomad.

What is ‘Nomadic’ life: Short Definition

In short, being nomadic is living and working remotely, not being tied to one particular place. Most nomads live and work online. This is because working in other countries is often not permitted, however working for your own company in your own country over the Internet is perfectly acceptable in the modern age.

Define Nomadism: What is the Nomadic Lifestyle?

Coffee is popular with nomads.

Let us define nomadism. The nomadic lifestyle is very old, but recently has made a resurgence in modern times. People from all over the world have grown tired of the job and decided to move abroad where the cost of living is cheaper and the weather more pleasant. This has been made possible because of improved Internet connections and modern jobs being more flexible.

Why do nomads move from place to place?

Often people get bored of living in one place for a long period of time. Other times they just want to explore the world. Moving from place to place allows you to experience many different cultures in many different cities and countries over the world. However people can become lonely when travelling so it’s important to meet new people wherever you go.

Modern Nomad Definition: What do Nomads Do?

Taking notes.

Modern nomads are very different from the old kind of nomad. This is because the old kind of nomad often raises animals with them as they travel. However this is a very old and outdated kind of work. The modern work that most people do involves the Internet. These jobs revolve around information and processing of that information to make it more valuable.

Modern nomads movement

In fact this whole process is becoming a movement. The movement of people and culture like no other. This movement will transform the way the world works. The 9-to-5 model of working is a very outdated model and people have had enough. By joining this movement you’ll be on the cutting edge of technology and culture.

Modern nomadic lifestyle

The modern nomadic lifestyle has obvious benefits. You can save more money because the places that you live will be less expensive than where you work. Another advantage is that you don’t have to get onto a packed train full of annoying people every day twice every day you go to work because you can just work at home. And it’s much more flexible because you can wake up whenever you want and go to sleep whenever you want. If you’re hungry you can go to the restaurant.

How to start a nomadic lifestyle

The good life.

Starting is often the hardest part of any new venture and this is especially true of joining the nomadic lifestyle. To be prepared for this journey it is ideally advised that you have stockpiled an amount of savings that will last you up to a year while you try to get traction in your new enterprise.

Quitting your job is often risky so you should ask your employer if you can travel whilst working. This is the way most people do it and it’s the most common way and probably the easiest too. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can start your own business. This has much greater upside but also has some downsides – it’s more prone to failure meaning you have to go back to your old job but this is not the end of the world.


The world is waiting for you. Go out there and start travelling. No one else will do it for you.

Go get it.

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